• Tue
    Seven Arts, Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 3PD

    The Science Slam on 21st March will be a mixture of science and comedy. The evening will include a Truth & Lies panel game, and then four stand-up comedy routines, all with a science theme.

    Expect eminent scientists to be funnier than you might have thought.
    Expect mirth from the maths dept, laughter from the laboratory, funny physicists and chuckles from the chemists.

    "That's Funny" is what Alexander Fleming said when he returned to his laboratory after a holiday, to find that one of his bacterial cultures had been stored carelessly.  A strange growth had appeared on it.  Instead of throwing it away, he investigated the "funny" growth, and a few years later he picked up the Nobel prize for the discovery of penicillin.