• Tue
    Seven Arts, Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 3PD
    Priya Subramanian, Leeds University

    Patterns (made with tiles) and crystals (made up of atoms or molecules) generally repeat themselves (they are "periodic"), as the pattern on a sheet of graph paper does, and have related symmetries. Among all possible arrangements, these regular arrangements are preferred in nature because they are associated with the least amount of energy required to assemble them. In fact, we’ve only known that non-periodic tiling, which creates never-repeating patterns, can exist in crystals for a couple of decades.

    Priya Subramanian is a research fellow in applied mathematics at Leeds University. She will discuss the mathematics behind the amazing patterns that non-periodic tilings can generate, and the ingredients required to create these beautiful and complex patterns in nature.


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