• Tue
    Seven Arts, Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds LS7 3PD
    Hugh Hubbard, Katie Barr, Steve Bannister, John Waterhouse & Chris Bem

    5 guest speakers will each give a short (but perfectly formed) presentation on their own scientific theory. You will be able to ask questions and debate with all of them. In one evening, 5 topics, covering different areas of science, will be distilled and delivered in small but powerful measures.

    Speakers and topics:

    Hugh Hubbard - Why the Large Hadron Collider IS responsible for the global financial crash.
    Katie Barr - Quantum computing
    Steve Bannister - Supernovae: the biggest bangs since the Big Bang.
    John Waterhouse - Cosmology: consensus or conspiracy?
    Chris Bem - The Three Sciences: re-framing science for a better world