• Tue
    Prof John Bancroft

    The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Laboratory in Cheshire is home to the UK?s most powerful supercomputer, capable of more than a thousand trillion calculations per second (a \"petaflop\"), the equivalent of a million laptops.

    Supercomputers have become essential to the modern world, aiding research and innovation. They will make significant improvements to our ability to predict natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Their computational power will enable scientists to simulate the most complex systems, such as the Earth\s climate or the human brain, the data from which would overwhelm even the most powerful systems in use today.

    By the year 2020 supercomputers will be thousands of times faster again. What will they be able to do that is beyond today\s supercomputers? What important tasks should they be given?

    Professor John Bancroft, Project Director of the Centre and Head of STFC\s Campus Centre Projects will talk about the supercomputer at STFC and how supercomputers are developing.