• Tue
    Professor Christopher Marrows Leeds University

    Graphene is \the new wonder material\ for which the 2010 Physics Nobel Prize was awarded. According to Nobel Laureate Andre Geim, it the world\s thinnest, strongest, stiffest, most stretchable, most thermally conducting material with the most mobile electrons known to science. Graphene has inspired a thousand more scientific discoveries and has potential in applications as diverse as ultrafast electronics, ultrathin displays, single molecule gas detection, cheap solar energy, and room temperature distillation of vodka.

    Graphene is a truly two-dimensional material that consists of a single sheet of carbon atoms. For decades scientists believed no such material was possible and yet it can be made, in artisan quantities, simply by drawing a line with a pencil.

    Prof Marrows will tell us how this material was discovered, how its extraordinary properties arise, and what the future holds as it moves from science fact to industrial material.

    This event will be sponsored by the Leeds Bradford Materials Engineering Society, so will be free to all.