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    Professor Andrew Bell

    Piezoelectric materials convert mechanical to electrical energy, and vice-versa. They have excited the interest of scientists since their discovery by the Curie brothers in 1880. Perhaps more fascinating are the thousands of todays devices and technologies that rely on these little-known materials. But environmental legislation threatens the benefits these materials bring to our lives in healthcare, transport and entertainment, so there is a global search for new piezoelectric materials.

    Professor Bell will provide an insight into the world of piezoelectric materials and devices. He will also invite you to enter the debate on whether we should live with the potential health risks inherent in some materials because of their social benefits.

    Andrew Bell has been Professor of Electronic Materials at the University of Leeds since 2000. Originally a physicist, he has become a materials scientist by osmosis, returning to a university career after 15 years in the electronics industry developing new materials and devices.

    This event will be sponsored by Leeds Bradford Materials Engineering Society so will be free to all.