• Tue
    Professor David Healy of Psychiatry at Bangor University

    Are prescription medicines safe? Are the side effects of drugs brushed under the carpet? Who regulates medical testing? Who controls the regulators? Why do we not see all the results of medical tests? Why are drugs so expensive? Have the large pharmaceutical companies hijacked the healthcare budget?

    In the struggle against money, can data, honesty and evidence prevail?

    Professor David Healy will reveal the secrets behind randomized controlled trials. He will demonstrate how statistics can be manipulated to hide unpleasant truths (and inconvenient corpses). He will tell us how medicine could be rescued from its present predicament.

    David Healy is Professor of Psychiatry at Bangor University. He has written a number of books about anti-depressants and other psychiatric treatments (including Let Them Eat Prozac and Pharmageddon which covers our current crisis in healthcare).