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    Robert Cywinski Professor of Physics at the university of Huddersfield

    Robert Cywinski, Professor of Physics at the university of Huddersfield, is a leading expert in the development and operation of particle accelerators. He has also researched the use of radioactive materials in medical treatment. He is currently working on the exploitation of the element Thorium as a nuclear fuel. Irans enrichment of uranium, and the recent meltdown at Fukushima, are only two of the issues facing the nuclear power industry. If the worst projections of climate change are to be avoided, the global population will be increasingly reliant on nuclear power – but how can it be made cleaner and safer? And will we always be worried that the nuclear fuel could be adapted to create apocalyptic weaponry? Prof Cywinski will talk to us about the benefits of using Thorium as the fuel of the next generation of power plants.