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    Sukhothai Restaurant, Regent Street, Chapel Allerton

    IN ADDITION TO the Café Sci 20th anniversary meeting / celebration on TUESDAY 9TH OCTOBER AT SEVEN ARTS AT 7:30PM, a few of the Leeds Café Sci organisers and regulars are booking a table for dinner at Sukhothai Restaurant in Chapel Allerton at 7:30pm on the following evening, Wednesday 10th October.

    The restaurant now occupies the premises where Café Sci began, in a small wine bar, 20 years ago. If you would like to come along and share some nostalgia and Thai food, please email so we can get the numbers right (within suitably defined error bars).

    You'll need to bring an appetite and the means to pay for your meal and drinks. Scientific methods of splitting a restaurant bill are considered in this article

    Sukhothai website link:
    The website link contains a phone number and email address for the restaurant in case of concerns or questions about accessibility, diet or allergens.
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