We are collecting to meet the cost of a Blue Plaque to commemorate the lives of two remarkable people who lived in Regent Lodge, Chapel Allerton, Leeds: Duncan Dallas and Liz Brice.

Duncan was a TV producer who founded the international Cafe Scientifique movement. It is a place where anyone can go to discuss the big science ideas of the day. He organised the first Cafe in 1998 in a wine bar in Chapel Allerton and went on to promote similar cafes all around the world. He also founded a similar Cafe Economique.

Liz was also a TV producer. Based on her own experience with multiple sclerosis, Liz campaigned to allow the medical use of cannabis to treat conditions like multiple sclerosis. She appeared before the Houses of Lords and Commons and the European Parliament. As a result, research into cannabis-based drugs and their use to treat MS symptoms was made legal in the UK.

The proposal for a Blue Plaque has been approved by Leeds Civic Trust and the present owners of the property but donations are needed to cover the cost of the project, which will be in the region of £1,500. Any surplus will be donated to support Leeds Cafe Scientifique.